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This book examines the latest innovations and advances in this fast changing technology. Exploring how product development teams implement new "desktop manufacturing" concepts, it demonstrates improved, faster methods to visualize parts, build solid objects with high precision results, and save thousands of dollars on prototyping and tooling.

Stereolithography and Other RP&M Technologies presents the principles, advantages and drawbacks of RP processes including stereolithography, laminated object manufacturing, selective laser sintering, sintering, fused deposition modelling, and solid ground curing.

Includes: Clear presentations of advances in materials, hardware, software, part accuracy, and surface finish, soft tooling applications. Descriptions of direct shell investment casting for RP patterns. Information on developments in soft and rapid tooling. Case studies. Complete information on common file types (including STL, SLI, CFL, as well as CAD conversion). Comprehensive listing of service bureaus.