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Prepared by: Dr. Jennifer E. Tanner, University of Wyoming, and Dr. Richard E. Klingner, University of Texas at Austin.

These masonry course notes were developed for use in semester-long, undergraduate or a graduate course in masonry as part of a civil engineering or architectural engineering curriculum. Selected parts of the notes can also be used in architecture or construction courses. They comprise 25 lectures (plus a list of references), each intended for presentation in about 75 minutes. These Course Notes reference the 2013 TMS 402/602.
  • Lectures #1-2: History of masonry presentation* and description
  • Lectures #3-7: Masonry materials, units, mortar, grout and components
  • Lecture #8: Basic structural behavior and design of low-rise buildings
  • Lecture #9: Design of masonry requiring little structural calculation
  • Lectures #10 and #11: Acoustical, thermal, and fire performance and design of masonry
  • Lecture #12: Masonry construction and cost estimating
  • Lecture #13: Building codes; gravity, wind and earthquake loads by ASCE 7-10
  • Lecture #14: Introduction to TMS 402-13 treatment of structural design
  • Lecture #15: Strength design of panel walls
  • Lecture #16: Strength design of unreinforced bearing walls
  • Lecture #17: Strength design of unreinforced shear walls
  • Lecture #18: Strength design of beams, lintels, and curtain walls
  • Lecture #19: Strength design of reinforced bearing walls
  • Lectures #20: Strength design of reinforced shear walls
  • Lecture #21: Lateral-load analysis of shear-wall structures
  • Lecture #22: Design and detailing of floor and roof diaphragms
  • Lecture #23: Comparison of design using the ASD and SD approach
  • Lecture #24: Design of low-rise masonry structure for gravity and wind load
  • Lecture #25: Design of four-story masonry structure for gravity and seismic load
  • Lecture #26: References

Document History

  1. TMS 5003-16

    👀 currently

    Masonry Course Notes, 2016 Edition (Based on the 2013 TMS 402/602)

    • Most Recent
  2. TMS 5003-10

    Masonry Course Notes, 2010 Edition (Student Edition)

    • Historical Version
  3. TMS 5003-08

    Masonry Course Notes, 2008 Edition (Student Edition)

    • Historical Version