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Research is needed to determine the effects of the type of pen partition, type of diffuser, and ventilation rate on room air and air contaminant distribution in animal buildings. Twelve tests were conducted to investigate the influence of supply air diffuser type (linear slot, sidewall, ceiling), partition type (open vs. solid), and ventilation rate (high vs. low) on air velocity in the animal occupied zone (less than or equal to 2 ft above the floor) in a full-scale model of typical swine nursery buildings. Results indicated that ventilation rate had little influence on the velocity in the animal occupied zone. The type of partition influenced the mean velocity for the linear slot diffuser; it had little influence on mean velocity for the sidewall and ceiling diffusers. Additionally, the mean velocity varied with the type of diffuser; overall mean velocity at the animal occupied zone for the ceiling diffuser was 25% to 34% higher than that for the sidewall and linear slot diffusers.

Units: Dual