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The electrical properties of dielectric constant, dissipation factor, and breakdown voltage were determined for refrigerants 11, 12, 22, 32, 123, 124, 125, 134a, 143a, 236fa, 245fa, 404A, 407C, 410A, 507A, 508A, and 508B. All measurements were made at 25°C. The measurements of dielectric constant and dissipation factor were obtained for saturated liquid and vapor as well as 1 atmosphere vapor. Breakdown voltages were determined for only the vapor phase at various pressures and electrode spacings (gap). The breakdown in the saturated liquid occurs by slight electric heating of the saturated liquid, causing it to vaporize, which then is simple breakdown in saturated vapor. In addition, a breakdown voltage is lower for vapor than for compressed liquid, and the lowest breakdown voltage is of concern.

ASTM D924, D150, and D2477 apparatus and test procedures were utilized in this work. In addition, data from the published literature are presented for comparison. The justification for this work is to produce comparative data for the refrigerants in this study, utilizing the same testing apparatus and conditions.

Units: SI