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Achieving 30% Energy Savings Towards a Net Zero Energy Building

Energy costs typically account for 16% of a district's "controllable" costs. This Guide will help your facilities staff design new construction, renovations, remodeling and modernization projects that use substantially less energy-at least 30% less-than those built to minimum energy code requirements. Achieving this 30% target is not only possible, but easy, and the Guide includes case studies that show schools around the country that have achieved or exceeded the target.

Spotlights Energy Savings Specific to Your Region

The Advanced Energy Design Guide for K-12 School Buildings includes:

Easy-to-follow recommendations by climate zone for each geographical region
Recommended products that are "off the shelf" and readily available
How-to tips for implementing the recommendations
Case study examples to illustrate real-life advanced energy approaches
Additional bonus strategies for savings beyond 30%
A prescriptive path for LEED® energy efficiency credits
For more information on the entire Advanced Energy Design Guide series, please visit

To promote building energy efficiency, ASHRAE and its partners are making the Advanced Energy Design Guides series-including Advanced Energy Design Guide for K-12 School Buildings-available for free download.

The AEDG for K-12 School Buildings is the third volume in the series and covers elementary, middle, and high school buildings, which have a wide variety of heating and air-conditioning requirements. Options for daylighting, an important component in schools, are included.