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Full Description

Many facilities in the refining and petrochemical processing industries employ contractor personnel for a wide range of activities, from administrative support to equipment repair, maintenance, and construction. Contractor activities that involve work in or around process equipment can have an increased potential to place both contractor personnel and owner personnel at risk.

This guide is intended to assist refining and petrochemical industry facility owners and contractors to implement (or improve) an effective contractor health and safety program. In the petroleum segment, API 2221 applies to downstream activities only. This includes refineries, pipelines and marketing and distribution terminals, but not exploration and production or marine. This document provides guidance for applying the principles outlined in API RP 2220, Improving Owner and Contractor Safety Performance. Security issues maintain a high profile in all aspects of industry, including the contractor screening and selection process; however, security is outside the scope of this standard and is mentioned as a reminder of the need for many facilities to include security in their contractor processes.

This publication intends to preserve the independent contractor relationship while helping both owners and contractors improve contractor safety performance. It is based on experience in the petroleum and petrochemical industries and experience of firms that perform contract work for these industries. Since owner facilities, equipment, sites and contracted work are diverse, this publication may not be applicable to operations at all facilities or to all contract work performed in these operations. This publication may not apply to contractors working in low risk environments that generally do not affect facility safety, such as those that provide incidental or supplementary services such as janitorial, beverage or laundry.

Document History

  1. API RP 2221

    👀 currently

    Contractor and Owner Safety Program Implementation, Third Edition

    • Most Recent
  2. API RP 2221

    Contractor and Owner Safety Program Implementation, Second Edition

    • Historical Version
  3. API 2221

    API/CMA Manager's Guide to Implementing a Contractor Safety Program

    • Historical Version