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About This Item


Full Description

This Technical Report illustrates the equations and templates necessary to calculate the various pipe properties, including:
  • pipe performance properties, such as axial strength, internal pressure resistance, and collapse resistance;
  • minimum physical properties;
  • product assembly force (torque);
  • product test pressures;
  • critical product dimensions related to testing criteria;
  • critical dimensions of testing equipment; and
  • critical dimensions of test samples.
For equations related to performance properties, extensive background information is also provided regarding their development and use.

Equations presented here are intended for use with pipe manufactured in accordance with API 5CT or ISO 11960, API 5DP or ISO 11961, and API 5L or ISO 3183, as applicable. These equations and templates may be extended to other pipe with due caution. Pipe cold-worked during production is included in the scope of this technical report (e.g. cold rotary straightened pipe). Pipe modified by cold working after production, such as expandable tubulars and coiled tubing, is beyond the scope of this technical report.

Editorial note:You may notice that this is the 7th edition of a publication that is listed as replacing a "1st" edition. Here is why that is listed that way according to API: "5C3's document type was a "Bulletin" for its first 6 editions. When its document type was changed from a Bulletin to a Technical Report, it was mistakenly re-editioned to a 1st Edition based on that change, making it TR 5C3 1st Edition when it really should have been TR 5C3 7th Edition. The edition numbering stays with the alphanumeric identifier for a standard and is not associated with the document type, since that can and does change. This new edition of 5C3 is correcting the error in the edition numbering."

Document History

  1. API TR 5C3

    👀 currently

    Calculating Performance Properties of Pipe Used as Casing or Tubing, Seventh Edition, Includes Addendum 1

    • Most Recent
  2. API TR 5C3

    Technical Report on Equations and Calculations for Casing, Tubing, and Line Pipe Used as Casing or Tubing; and Performance Properties Tables for Casing and Tubing, First Edition (Identical to ISO 10400:2007), Includes Addendum

    • Historical Version
  3. API Bull 5C2

    Bulletin on Performance Properties of Casing, Tubing, and Drill Pipe

    • Historical Version
  4. API Bull 5C3

    Bulletin on Formulas and Calculations for Casing, Tubing, Drill Pipe, and Line Pipe Properties

    • Historical Version

Amendments, rulings, supplements, and errata

  1. API TR 5C3 Addendum 1


    Addendum to Calculating Performance Properties of Pipe Used as Casing or Tubing, Seventh Edition