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About This Item


Full Description

Applies to three types of metric series length bars, each having flat parallel measuring faces, in sizes up to 1200 mm. It covers bars of circular, square, and rectangular cross-section. Provision is made for four grades of accuracy, viz Grade 00; Grade 0; Grade 1; Grade 2. The intended use of these grades of accuracy and notes on the care and general use of length bars are given in Clause 1.4 and Appendix A respectively. Requirements for materials, finish, size of section, and tolerance on length, parallelism, flatness and squareness are specified. Requirements for length bar accessories are also given.

Document History

  1. AS 1457-1999

    Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) - Length standards - Gauge blocks

    • Most Recent
  2. AS 1457-1989

    Gauge blocks and rectangular length bars and their accessories

    • Historical Version
  3. AS 1985-1977

    👀 currently

    Length bars and accessories

    • Historical Version
  4. AS 1457-1973

    Gauge blocks and accessories (metric units)

    • Historical Version