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Full Description

ASQ Z1.11-2011 specifies quality system requirements where an education organization:

needs to establish confidence in its ability to design, develop, deliver instruction, evaluate students, support research, provide public service, and maintain its support services to fulfill education requirements, satisfy customers, and meet expectations of interested parties, and

needs to maintain conformity to applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

ASQ/ANSI/ Z1.11 is about people in education organizations who study, learn, teach, train, and administer to create value for their community.

The perception of value created is the degree to which requirements are fulfilled (Quality). The organization's senior leaders are accountable for resources they allocate (Management). The organization's academic and administrative processes interact with each other (System).

Document History

  1. ASQ Z1.11-2011

    👀 currently

    Quality management system standards - Requirements for education organizations

    • Most Recent
  2. ASQ Z1.11-2002

    Quality assurance standards - Guidelines for the application of ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001-2000 to education and training institutions

    • Historical Version
  3. ASQ Z1.11-96

    Quality Assurance Standards - Guidelines for the Application of ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001 or Q9002 to Education and Training Institutions

    • Historical Version