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Full Description

The purpose of this protocol is to provide guidelines for minimizing environmental contamination and human exposure of oil-type wood preservatives contained in pressure treated wood products. This guideline will assist wood treaters in adopting treatment and handling procedures to reduce migration of the pre-servative from the wood and avoid shipment of treated product that may otherwise have a tendency to lose pre-servative from the wood surface.
These guidelines apply to wood products pressure treated with oil-type preservative systems under the jurisdiction of AWPA subcommittee P3. These systems include the preservatives Standard P1/P13 (creosote), Standard P2 (creosote solution), Standard P3(creosote -petroleum oil solution) and Standard P8 (oil-borne preservatives). The related standards which are a part of the preservative systems listed, include Standard P4 (petroleum oil for blending with creosote) and Standard P9 (solvents for organic preservative systems used as carrier oils for the oil-borne preserva-tives).
These guidelines should be employed in conjunction with a thorough understanding of the AWPA Treatment Standards covering the treated wood com-modities and preservatives specified. There are substantial digfferences in treatment methods for different species of wood and preservative systems. Where these guidelines may be in conflict with specific provisions of the AWPA Treatment Standards, the Treatment Standards take precedence.
This protocol should only be used after reading and thoroughly understanding the preservative product label. A guideline shall not be used if it contradicts a product label recommendation or if it is prohibited by the product label.
These guidelines do not address the inherent toxicological and environmental properties of the pre-servatives themselves. These matters are under the ju-risdiction of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA).

Document History

  1. AWPA M20-15 (R2021)

    👀 currently

    Guidelines for Minimizing Oil-Type Wood Preservative Migration

    • Most Recent
  2. AWPA M20-12

    Guidelines for Minimizing Oil-Type Wood Preservative Migration

    • Historical Version
  3. AWPA M20-01

    Guidelines for Minimizing Oil-Type Wood Preservative Migration

    • Historical Version
  4. AWPA M20-00

    Guidelines for Minimizing Oil-Type Wood Preservative Migration

    • Historical Version