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Telecommunications transmission measuring equipment for measuring the analog transmission characteristics of networks and circuits, including digitally encoded analog signals, analog components of digital services, e.g. ISDN, HDSL, etc., and other complex signals.


To update Std 743-1984 to reflect new measurement technology, and to provide measurements: 1) for new telecom services which did not exist earlier, 2) using new measuring techniques that will more accurately measure impairments to data services, 3) for reducing labor and testing time, and 4) specifications that will assure equipment interworking. In addition, obsolete measuring methods will be removed.


Revision Standard - Inactive-Withdrawn. Administratively withdrawn Performance requirements for test equipment that measures the analog transmission parameters of subscriber loops, message trunks, PBX trunks, and ties lines are specified. Requirements for these measurements with DS1 bit stream access are also provided. The measurement of loss, noise, and impulse noise on non-loaded cable pairs used for digital subscriber lines is addressed.

Document History

  1. IEEE 743-1995

    👀 currently

    IEEE Standard Equipment Requirements and Measurement Techniques for Analog Transmission Parameters for Telecommunications

    • Most Recent
  2. IEEE 743-1984

    IEEE Standard Methods and Equipment for Measuring the Transmission Characteristics of Analog Voice Frequency Circuits

    • Historical Version