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With computer servers’ exponential growth in power for a 7’ rack density from sub-10kW (34,121Btu/hr) of yester-years, to 30kW (102,363Btu/hr) in the last half decade, to current product launches of over 60kW (204,726Btu/hr), there is significant desire and product research by datacenter cooling equipment vendors, as well as computer server equipment vendors, to introduce liquid-cooling solutions in various forms, such as direct equipment level or providing air-to-liquid heat-exchanging at the rack. In this paper, we would like to differentiate the equipment for Telecom Central Office (CO) environment to the more industry dominant Datacenter (DC) environment. A holistic examination, from network equipment design to the Telecom CO requirements, is followed in explaining the different hurdles along the way in implementing liquid cooling in the Telecom environment


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