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Building codes often require, and/or modern architectural designs specify, glazing materials that provide enhanced performance levels of security and safety. These performance properties include: resistance to ballistics, blast, hurricane/cyclic wind pressures and physical attack. Glazing applications may also specify such properties as sound reduction, fade resistance, and solar and thermal control. Because laminated glazing materials are able to meet such requirements and design criteria, they are finding application in a broader range of installations than ever before. The use of laminated glazing in residential and commercial installations has led to inquiries by design professionals and specifiers regarding the reaction of public safety officials to these products. This document is intended to inform building owners, design professionals, and specifiers about emergency ingress and egress considerations when using these products. The Technical Services Division of the National Glass Association (NGA) has produced this Glass Technical Paper solely for informational purposes. This Paper was developed by dedicated member volunteers and subject matter experts. The original version of this document was published in 2004. This version of the document was updated and published in December 2023.