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This paper explores the application of refrigeration cycles to (1 & 2) two centrifugal systems that produce hot water at 160F (71°C) and 150F (65.6°C) when the heat sources are water at (23.9°C) and 95F (35°C) using R-12 and R-11 at a COP of 4.19 and 5.94 respectively, (3) trifugal R-114 system for multiple-effect evaporation of sugar solutions at a COP of 4.5 with evaporation at 125.5F (52°C) to 155F (68.3°C) and heat source at 116.5F (46.9°C), (4) a reciprocating R-22 system for flashing butadiene from a liquid at 76F (24.4°C) for a COP of 7.8 using condensing butadiene at 68F (20°C) as the heat source, and (5) a reciprocating R-22 system for heating water to 110F (43.3°C) with a COP of 4.4 using effluent sewage at 45F (7.2°C) as a heat source.

The system capital costs are tabulated and electrical costs for 8760 hours of compressor operation are listed versus savings compared to the use of oil and gas based on U.S.A. 1983 composite averages for industrial users. Most of the equipment costs listed are for the 1983 year.

Variations of eight regional U.S.A. electrical energy costs for May 1986 as much as plus 40% and minus 31% from the composite average with ±16% variation for oil and plus 25% to minus 46% for gas preclude any generalizations of viability versus achieved COP. Therefore, the perceived viability must be determined for each location.

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