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An air-to-air split-system, continuously variable speed heat pump of nominal 2-1/2 ton (8.8 kW) cooling capacity was instrumented and tested in the laboratory. The system operating conditions, coefficient of performance, and system capacity were measured during frosting/defrosting tests and during both heating and cooling mode cycling tests. Frosting/defrosting tests were conducted for a range of compressor speeds, outdoor air temperatures, and relative humidities. Cycling tests were conducted for a range of compressor speeds and outdoor temperatures.

Dynamic loss algorithms were developed from the data and seasonal analysis simulations were made to estimate the potential energy savings due to compressora nd indoor blower modulation. For Ft. Worth (Tex.), Knoxville (Tenn.), and Syracuse (N.Y.), analysis of energy cost savings due to modulation justify a premium of $400 for three-year payback.

Units: Dual