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Research Project ASHRAE 1292-TRP had the objectives to:   (1) quantify the energy use of parallel and series VAV terminal units as a function of a nominal space load and control strategy in the laboratory, and (2) extend the experimental data to evaluate annual energy use for VAV terminal units in a wide range of climates.

The first phase of this project focused on developing empirical models of airflow output and power consumption for a sample of series and parallel fan powered variable air volume terminal units at typical design pressure conditions.

The objective of the second phase was to develop system models of single duct, multi-zoned VAV systems based on series and parallel fan terminal units and to use the model to compare the performance of the systems.  It was a project requirement that the system model be verified using controlled laboratory experiments before the model was used to compare the systems based on the two terminal unit types.

This zipped file (36 MB) contains the reports for Phase I, Phase II and the Spreadsheet Tutorial (all three documents contained in one pdf); and an Excel spreadsheet of data.