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Physical properties (solubility, viscosity, surface tension, and vapour pressure) and thermal properties (specific heat and heat of mixing) of the water-lithium bromide-zinc bromide-lithium chloride system (salt weight ratios - 1.0 to 1.8 to 0.26) were measured. The solubility data were obtained in the range of temperatures from 274.15 to 433.75 K. Measurements of density, viscosity, surface tension, vapour pressure, and specific heat were carried out at various temperatures and three component absorbent concentrations. The heats of mixing at 298.15 K were obtained for solutions with absorbent concentrations ranging from 0 wt% to 76.2 wt%. Empirical formulas for the solubility and specific heat of this system were obtained from experimental data. The vapour pressure data were correlated by means of an Antoine-type equation. The integral heat of mixing data were correlated by means of Redlich-Kister-type equation. the enthalpy concentration charts for the liquid and vapour phases of this system were constructed on the basis of these observed data.


KEYWORDS: thermal properties, water, lithium bromide, heat pumps, lithium chloride, solubility, density, viscosity, surface tension, vapour pressure, measuring, temperature, absorption refrigeration, absorption heat pumps.