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Secure PDF

Secure PDF files differ from PDF files only by the inclusion of digital rights management (DRM). We include DRM at the behest of the publisher as it helps the document publisher protect their copyright by restricting file sharing and printing.

* FileOpen Plug-In

FileOpen is a free Adobe-approved plug-in that allows you to open SPDF files. Click on the icon below to download the latest version of FileOpen.

How to Download a Secure PDF (SPDF)
The same way you download a normal PDF file. The only difference is that when you open the file on your computer, the file will be "locked" to your machine. If you send the file to another user (or another machine) after you have opened it successfully, they will not be able to view it.

How to Print a SPDF file
In most cases, you are permitted to make one single printed copy for your personal reference use. For some publishers - such as BOMA, ICML, and IADC - printing is not allowed. Review the specific document listing in our store for more details.

How to assign a SPDF to a colleauge.
Note: PDF files may only be re-assigned once.
If your purchase is intended for another end user, once logged in to your account:
1. Go to My Account and select My Downloads.
2. Locate the desired document.
3. Click Reassign.
4. A confirmation window will appear, confirm your choice by clicking Reassign.
5. Enter the new user's email address and click on the Assign button.

An email will then be sent to the new user. Once they have accepted the end user license agreement, the file will be permanently assigned to that user.

How to Unlock/Move a SPDF
If you need to move a SPDF to a new machine because you no longer have access to the computer originally associated with the file, follow these steps:
1. Go to Account and select My Downloads.
2. Locate the desired order (by date or Order #)
3. Click the down arrow in the View Details column.
4. Click the Unlock link above the Download button.

Once your file has been unlocked, you may download a new copy.