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Multi-User PDF

A Multi-User PDF allows you to purchase a finite set of single user licenses for a specific document. The number of user licenses available for purchase varies by document, please see the store listing for more specific information.

After purchasing a Multi-User PDF you can assign each license to a specific user

To provide a user access to their document navigate to the "My Downloads" page, and locate the order in question. Within the blank fields simply enter the email address of the user you want to assign access. Once entered click the "Assign" button, and an automated email will be sent to that user with instructions on how to access their document. You may also assign a license to yourself by entering your Accuris account email address in one of the blank fields.

Things to Know About Multi-User PDFs: 

1. If you have incorrectly provided a user with access to a document, (or have typed their email address incorrectly), you can revoke access to the document provided that the user has not yet accessed the document. If a user has not yet accessed the document, their status is listed as pending. To revoke access, simply press the "Revoke" button, and you will then be able to assign access to another user (or be able to type in the correct email address for that user).

2. Unlike other PDFs which can been reassigned a single time, once a user has been assigned a Multi-User PDF, that user's access cannot be reassigned.

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