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AIAA S-123-2007(2017) defines adaptations and conversions of the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS)-standard SLE Forward Communications Link Transmission Unit (FCLTU) command transfer service. The CCSDS SLE transfer services do not support some legacy command and telemetry data flows that must be accommodated by US civil, military, and commercial space element tracking, telemetry, and control networks to allow interoperability in support of US Government space operations. Adaptations of FCLTU by the user and conversions of FCLTU by the provider provide standardized discrete and streaming ternary command services and streaming binary command services which are not otherwise provided by CCSDS SLE transfer services. Discrete and streaming mode ternary command services support space elements which use ternary commanding on the space link. Streaming binary command services support space elements whose commands are not discrete or otherwise do not have discernible command boundaries.