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The US DOE Energy Characteristics Audit, prepared by ASHRAE, is reviewed with regard to incorporation of existing data sets. factors that could affect the accuracy or completeness of such an activity are discussed. These include definition of square footage, energy conversion units, and derivation of required data from existing data fields. Two data sets, prepared from audits developed under the Institutional Conservation Programme, are reviewed with regard to preparation of a data set consistent with the US DOE Energy Characteristics Audit. It was found that some transformation of variables is required, and familiarity with the protocols under which the data were taken is essential to the accurate preparation of a data set. Many variables that existed in the original audits were not included in the databases. Transformation of older data sets can be accomplished for many, but not all, variables. Incorporation of older data sets is valuable for tracking of building population trends.

KEYWORDS: buildings, properties, surveys, commercial, energy auditing, properties, databases, USA, accuracy