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This Standard gives dimensions applicable to 3-phase, 50 c/s, squirrel-cage motors having ratings from 1/2 to 150 horse-power. Section One contains the requirements common to all types of motors included within the scope of this standard. Section Two applies to foot-mounted motors, Section Three to flange-mounted motors and Section Four to skirt-mounted motors.

Document History

  1. AS 1359.2-1981

    Rotating electrical machines - General requirements - Dimensional symbols

    • Most Recent
  2. AS 1360.10-1975

    Rotating electrical machines of particular types or for particular applications, Part 10: Dimensions and outputs of standard single-speed three-phase general purpose motors (metric units)

    • Historical Version
  3. AS 1017-1971

    Dimensions of electric motors

    • Historical Version
  4. AS C332.2-1963

    Specification for dimensions of 3-phase electric motors - Totally-enclosed fan-cooled motors

    • Historical Version
  5. AS C332.1-1963

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    Specification for dimensions of 3-phase electric motors - Motors with ventilated enclosures

    • Historical Version