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This standard was withdrawn September 2017.

Refrigeration oil covers a wide variety of commercially available or experimental lubricants often differing widely in both composition and performance characteristics. This standard provides a uniform means of identifying particular refrigeration oils without resorting to commercial names or designations by utilizing common laboratory tests that are well recognized by those concerned with the use of the oil. The use of this standard in the literature will permit investigators concerned with oil performance to duplicate experimental programs and allow readers to relate oil characteristics to the subject presented.

First published in 1981, Standard 99 was developed under the sponsorship of ASHRAE Technical Committee 3.4. It represents a joint effort of knowledgeable refrigerating industry consultants, equipment builders, and oil suppliers to define the most meaningful laboratory tests that will adequately characterize a particular refrigeration oil. The 1981 standard was reaffirmed with minor editorial changes in 1987. This edition of the standard has been revised to include synthetic lubricants, especially those used with HFC refrigerants.


Document History

  1. ASHRAE 99-2006

    👀 currently

    Standard 99-2006 -- Refrigeration Oil Description (ANSI approved)

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  2. ASHRAE 99-1987

    Standard 99-1987 -- Refrigeration Oil Description

    • Historical Version