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This standard states the design and performance requirements for protective clothing worn by firefighters', for protection against heat and flame encountered during fires and related life saving activities, and specifies methods for testing the materials and material assemblies used in the protective clothing.

The standard does not apply to specialized protective clothing such as proximity suits, fire-entry clothing or clothing for hazardous material emergencies. Protective clothing to this standard is not intended to provide protection from chemical, radiological, electrical or biological hazards.

The tests specified in this standard are for evaluating materials, material assemblies or garments to ensure their compliance with the requirements of this standard and shall not be deemed to establish performance levels for all firefighting situations to which firefighting personnel may be exposed.

This standard does not address the issue of fit of the protective clothing on the user. Improperly fitted protective clothing worn by users may be dangerous. It is the responsibility of the users to assure themselves that they are fitted with the proper protective clothing when engaged in firefighting activities.

The testing and evaluation of a product against this standard may require the use of materials and/or equipment that could be hazardous. This document does not purport to address all the safety aspects associated with its use. Anyone using this standard has the responsibility to consult the appropriate authorities and to establish appropriate health and safety practices in conjunction with any applicable regulatory requirements prior to use.