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Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute document POCT06?Effects of Different Sample Types on Glucose Measurements provides information to assist the clinical and point-of-care staff in understanding the potential impact of the use of different sample types on results and measurement procedure comparisons of glucose test systems. The information includes preexamination, examination, and physiological considerations. This report will help clinicians understand how to better design evaluation protocols for technology or devices under consideration. Use of this report by clinicians will also help ensure that even those who adopt new technologies early will do so with the knowledge that ensures patient safety. Use of this report by manufacturers will help ensure they can meet and understand customer requirements in their product design for glucose testing systems.

The impacts of sample type, test methodology, calibration, sample transportation or delay in testing, and frequency are reviewed. The influence of metabolic changes was minimally addressed in CLSI document POCT121 and will be expanded upon here in order to help clinicians understand how to decide if metabolic changes are influencing result variances noted in a comparison.