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Full Description

1. Scope


This Code covers the requirements for equipment, preparation and methods of weld process control, inspection and testing, used in resistance welding of components or assemblies which form part of a structure which is designed to carry calculated loads including open web joists, open web rigid frame membe rs, roof and floor decking, etc.


It is recognized that such assemblies may be fabricated from a large variety of sections, i.e. rods, angles, tubes, cold formed sections or sheets and that welds employed may be of various types, e.g. spot, projection, flash, seam or a combination thereof.


The materials shall be ferrous metals of such specifications that resistance welds made therein will meet the requirements of this Code.

Document History

  1. CSA W55.3-08 (R2023)

    Certification of companies for resistance welding of steel and aluminum

    • Most Recent
  2. CSA W55.3-1965 (R2003)

    👀 currently

    Resistance Welding Qualification Code for Fabricators of Structural Members Used in Buildings

    • Historical Version