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About This Item


Full Description

Drilling Practices is a straightforward explanation of the causes of troublesome drilling problems and how to avoid and overcome them. This practical guide covers:

- Bit and drilling dysfunctions, including bit balling, bottomhole balling, interfacial severity and vibrations; connection practices, including applying and removing WOB, surge and swab, and torque and drag;
- Reaming for hole conditioning, including general reaming, reaming rotary speed, swelling formations, vibrationally induced borehole patterns, hole instability, enlarged holes and more;
- Hole cleaning in directional and horizontal wells, including the dynamics of cuttings beds, pack-offs and resulting drag on drill pipe and tool joints;
- Tripping practices in horizontal and directional wells;
- Wellbore stability, including instability and hole enlargement in shales, sands, salt and tar, and hard formations; fluid chemistry and stability, borehole surveillance and downhole pressure management;
- Lost circulation, from types to practices.

Drilling Practices is a must-have for anyone involved in today's drilling operations. Contributors include Fred Dupriest, Iain Hutchison, Eric van Oort, Neil Armstrong, David Chen, Gregory Devenish, John DeWardt, Blaine Dow, Dennis Moore, Sam Pickett, Paul Scott, Boyd Waechter, Aron Deen and John Willis. Includes 47 color and black-and-white illustrations and two tables. 53 pages.