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Cooling of air by evaporative cooling using earthen materials is proposed, the widespread use of water cooling using earthen pots is taken a step ahead by cooling air using the cold water. This cool air can be supplied directly into a space or into the intake of an air conditioner. The advantage over the existing desert coolers. No addition of moisture to the air. This system requires a part of the space to be conditioned to be made of a composite wall, which contains earthen material at one end facing the surroundings and the other surface to be made of metallic material, facing the conditioned space. The working of the setup initiates when air is supplied through the blower in the duct. The air first comes in contact with the metallic surface corresponding to a wall just ahead of the blower inlet. Then the air subsequently touches the other metallic surfaces before finally entering into the conditioned space from the recess. The metallic surface would absorb heat from the flowing air via two modes of heat transfer viz. Convection and conduction. The former mode can be greatly enhanced by increasing the surface area of the metallic surface area in contact with the air. If the amount of heat that is transferred to the water from the air is less than the heat lost due to evaporation at the outer surface. It can be said that the room will be cooled further. There can be several modifications to the metallic and evaporation surface, such increasing the surface area so as to improve heat transfer at both ends of the wall. The modifications are also mentioned. The system has various advantages in comparison to the existing systems. The electricity consumption will be minimal. Also no addition of moisture is present in the cooled air. The outlet air of the system can be fed to an air-conditioner as well.