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As the use of glass increased over recent years, issues of strength, safety and thermal performance became increasingly important design considerations. The availability of tinted and coated glasses had a dramatic impact on glass use in building projects. The vastly expanded aesthetic options, combined with the improved energy conserving and comfort capabilities of tinted and coated glasses allowed architects to use more glass, as well as larger sizes in their designs. A consequence of this trend was a corresponding increase in the use of tempered and heat-strengthened glass in order to meet both thermal and windload design requirements. The demand for tempered glass further increased with the passing of safety glazing legislation in 1977, which mandated its use in certain locations. This document discusses why industry cleaning procedures must be followed to avoid glass damage. This document was published in April 2008, and updated in 2018.

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  1. NGA FB02-02 (2023)

    Heat-Treated Glass Surfaces are Different

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  2. Heat-Treated Glass Surfaces Are Different (Glass Technical Paper FB02-02 (R2018))

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    Heat-Treated Glass Surfaces Are Different (Glass Technical Paper FB02-02 (R2018))

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