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About This Item


Full Description

New Content in 2018 Version:
  • Revised performance test setup guidelines & schematic
  • Updated definitions & symbols
  • Updated formulas
Scope of Standard: The ANSI/HI 7.6 provides detailed procedures for controlled-volume metering pump performance testing along with an optional NPSH test. The following tests are covered:
  • Functional testing of production units
  • Mechanical integrity at speed and pressure specified
  • Rate of flow and mechanical integrity at speed and pressure specified
  • Verification of performance to the manufacturer's specifications
What You Will Learn/Overall Benefits: Understand what type is testing is required for a controlled-volume metering pump and if the manufacturer has conducted specific tests to demonstrate the pumps? ability to perform satisfactorily, both mechanically and hydraulically.

Application Markets: Most common pump industry segments using controlled-volume metering pumps in various services including chemical, petroleum, slurry, water and wastewater, residential, electric power and more.

Document History

  1. HI 7.6-2018

    👀 currently

    American National Standard for Controlled-volume Metering Pumps for Test

    • Most Recent
  2. HI 7.6-2012

    American National Standard for Controlled-Volume Metering Pumps for Test

    • Historical Version