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The NESC covers: 1. Supply and communication facilities (including metering) and associated work practices employed by a public or private electric supply, communications, railway, trolley, street and area lighting, traffic signal (or other signal), irrigation district or other community owned utility, or a similar utility in the exercise of its function as a utility. 2. The generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity, lumens, communication signals, and communication data through public and private utility systems that are installed and maintained under the exclusive control of utilities or their authorized representatives. 3. Utility facilities and functions of utilities that either (a) generate energy by conversion from some other form of energy such as, but not limited to, fossil fuel, chemical, nuclear, solar, mechanical, wind or hydraulic or communication signals, or accept energy or communication signals from another entity, or (b) provide that energy or communication signals through a delivery point to another entity.


The purpose of the NESC is the practical safeguarding of persons and utility facilities during the installation, operation, and maintenance of electric supply and communication facilities, under specified conditions.


Revision Standard - Active. This Code covers basic provisions for safeguarding of persons from hazards arising from the installation, operation, or maintenance of (1) conductors and equipment in electric supply stations, and (2) overhead and underground electric supply and communication lines. It also includes work rules for the construction, maintenance, and operation of electric supply and communication lines and equipment. The Code is applicable to the systems and equipment operated by utilities, or similar systems and equipment, of an industrial establishment or complex under the control of qualified persons. This Code consists of the introduction, definitions, grounding rules, list of referenced and bibliographic documents, and Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the 2017 Edition of the National Electrical Safety Code.

Document History

  1. IEEE C2-2023

    2023 National Electrical Safety Code(R) (NESC(R))

    • Most Recent
  2. IEEE C2-2017

    👀 currently

    2017 National Electrical Safety Code(R) (NESC(R))

    • Historical Version
  3. IEEE C2-2012

    2012 National Electrical Safety Code (NESC)

    • Historical Version
  4. IEEE C2-2007

    National Electrical Safety Code 2007 Edition

    • Historical Version
  5. IEEE C2-2002

    National Electrical Safety Code 2002 Edition

    • Historical Version
  6. IEEE C2-1997

    National Electric Safety Code (NESC), 1997 Edition

    • Historical Version