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About This Item


Full Description

Establishes the requirements for the evaluation of liquid and dry film solder mask material and for the determination of the acceptability of use on a standard printed board system. IPC-SM-840 provides two classes of requirements, T and H, to reflect functional performance requirements and testing severity based on industry/end use requirements. Coverage is given to adhesion, material qualification, resistances to solvents, and electrical requirements. Revision E incorporates requirements for flexible cover materials used as a flexible dielectric protective layer over etched conductors and other conductive features.

Document History

  1. IPC SM-840E

    👀 currently

    Qualification and Performance Specifiation of Permanent Solder Mask and Flexible Cover Materials

    • Most Recent
  2. IPC SM-840D

    Qualification and Performance Specification of Permanent Solder Mask

    • Historical Version
  3. IPC SM-840C

    Qualification and Performance of Permanent Polymer Coating (Solder Mask) for Printed Boards, Includes Amendment 1

    • Historical Version