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Full Description

Order this 3 publication bundle and save 25%! (discounted list price shown above).

About the Metal Building Systems Manual:
  • Step-by-step examples for calculating wind, snow and seismic design loads per the 2018 International Building Code (IBC) and referenced ASCE 7 standard, along with designing roof drainage systems for metal buildings, per the 2018 International Plumbing Code (IPC).
  • A guide for the determination of loads for metal buildings with bridge, monorail, jib and single-leg gantry for underhung and top-running cranes.
  • Recommended drift and deflection criteria for the design of metal buildings that use masonry, metal and other wall systems, including manufacturing and erection tolerances.
  • Common Industry Practices that spell out all current practices relating to design, manufacture, sale and erection for metal building systems, including contract, order documents and engineer of record.
  • Seventeen code-compliant, fire-rated construction (column, wall, roof and joint details) details specifically tailored for metal building systems.
  • Wind, snow, seismic and rainfall design data tabulated for every U.S. county based on the 2018 IBC, ASCE 7, USGS and NOAA data - you won't find this anywhere else!

  • About the Energy Design Guide for Metal Building Systems:
    The Energy Design Guide for Metal Building Systems is the best and only resource available on energy efficient design options for code compliant metal buildings. The Energy Design Guide for Metal Building Systems includes detailed information on the following topics:
    • Various ways to insulate metal buildings
    • Incorporating daylighting and cool roofs into metal buildings
    • Design guidance for sustainable metal building systems
    • Energy codes, standards and compliance tools
    • A complete guide to green ratings and certification programs:
      • USGBC LEED®
      • GBI's Green Globes™
      • EPA/DOE Energy Star
      • Cool Roof Rating Council
    • Utilizing photovoltaic panels
    • A comprehensive daylighting design guide

    About the Fire Resistance Design Guide for Metal Building Systems
    The Fire Resistance Design Guide for Metal Building Systems offers a wealth of information on how to effectively use metal buildings to meet the fire resistance requirements of a project. The MBMA Fire Resistance Design Guide for Metal Building Systems offers you a complete reference guide for fire protection issues related to metal building systems. This resource offers a wealth of information such as:
    • Fire test standards
    • Shape properties for fire resistance
    • Repair/replacement after fire damage
    • Prescriptive fire protection practices related to occupancy and construction options
    • Fire resistive provisions related to construction elements, fire walls, exterior walls, joints, sprinklers and thermal barriers
    • Fire protection considerations involving columns, roofs, walls, and joints
    • Fire protection products and design considerations for columns and beams
    • Detailed explanations of specific fire protection materials
    • Comprehensive industry resource listing for fire resistive design