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About This Item


Full Description

Developed by the powder forging (PF) commercial parts manufacturing industry, each section of the standard contains easy-to-read data tables and explanatory information for materials listed. Property data are included for four PF material systems - Carbon Steel, Copper Steel, Low Alloy PF-42XX and PF-46XX Steels in the normalized and quenched & tempered conditions. Chemical composition and minimum density requirements are cited. Data tables (Inch-Pound and SI Units) include typical property values for Ultimate Strength, Yield Strength, Elongation, Reduction of Area, Rockwell Hardness, Impact Energy, Compressive Yield Strength and Mean Fatigue Limit.

This standard provides the design and materials engineer with the latest engineering property data and information available in order to specify materials made by the powder forging process. Ensure that your quality assurance/laboratory staff and your sales and marketing personnel/representatives have the latest edition of this standard.

NOTE: Publication of the 2017 Edition of this standard renders the 2000 Edition obsolete. The previous edition should no longer be distributed but destroyed.

  • NEW Materials and/or Mechanical Property Data Copper Steel
    PF-1130C50 + mean fatigue limit

  • Low Alloy Steels
    Austenitizing temperature for PF-4220 and PF-4620 materials

  • NEW Engineering Information Section
    Hardenability data with austenitizing temperatures for the 0.2% and 0.4-0.8% carbon materials
    Jominy Curves

    Alphabetical Listing & Guide to Material Systems & Designation Codes Used in the Family of MPIF Standard 35 Publications

    Also includes use of the currently approved acronym "PF" for powder forging. Special Note: the change in the prefix for the material designations does not impact the material specification and performance characteristics for the various powder-forged materials.

    SI Units Conversion Table
This standard is a must-have document for every engineering professional.

Document History

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    Materials Standards for PF Steel Parts

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  2. MPIF Standard 35 - P/F Steel Parts

    Materials Standards for P/F Steel Parts

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