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Important updates and expanded coverage in the 2008 edition LP-Gas Code reduce the risk of propane fires and explosions.

Referenced in countries around the globe, adopted in all 50 states, and part of the Department of Transportation's U.S. Pipeline Safety Regulations, NFPA 58: LP-Gas Code is the definitive source for LP-Gas safety requirements. Work with the 2008 edition to make sure you have the latest criteria for the safe design, construction, installation and operation of all LP-Gas systems, as well as highway transportation of LP-Gas.

The 2008 NFPA 58 includes a new section that addresses small LP-Gas system operators and aids compliance with DOT regs.

Currently covered by U.S. Department of Transportation, regulations for pipeline systems of 10-100 users served from one propane tank, such as a mobile home park, are now part of the 2008 LP-Gas Code. Including these requirements will assist propane marketers in complying with what is already federal law, and the simplified Code language makes requirements easier to understand and apply.

Other important changes that advance safety include:

  • New location requirements for patio heaters
  • Revised table of small container appurtenances
  • New rule to require notification of trackside transfer from rail cars
  • New coverage of elevated pressure propane systems (20 - 50 psi) used in cogeneration systems, microturbines, metal cutting and similar industrial operations
  • Clarified requirements for flexible connectors used as part of piping systems

For engineers, inspectors, AHJs, facility owners, and maintainers who want to pass inspections and make the safety grade, the 2008 NFPA 58 is the clear choice!


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