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An ASHRAE research project (RP-1018) that wasconducted at the Institute for Research in Construction,National Research Council Canada, has resulted in a uniquedatabase on many hygrothermal properties of many commonbuilding and insulation materials that are currently used inNorth America. The properties that are determined includethermal conductivity, equilibrium moisture content, watervapor transmission characteristics, water absorption coefficient,moisture diffusivity, and airflow characteristics. Theexperimental and analytical procedures used in the researchproject are all based on either international standards or onwell-documented and peer-reviewed approaches. The materialsthat have been investigated in the project include severalwood-based products, such as oriented strand board, plywood,wood fiberboard, and composite wood siding; masonry products,such as clay brick, mortar, and aerated concrete; fivespecies of lumber; cladding products, such as stucco, fibercement board, and the exterior coatings of EIFS systems; seveninsulation products; six sheathing membranes; interiorgypsum board, primer, and a latex paint; and a natural stone,a cement-based sheathing board, and vinyl wallpaper. Thispaper lists the basic information on all materials that wereinvestigated. It also summarizes the principles of the experimentalprocedures. Illustrative examples of the informationthat has been generated in the research project are presented.Results from statistical analyses are highlighted.