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In order to understand the mechanisms of condensation-induced hydraulic shock in an ammonia refrigeration system experiments were conducted in a test apparatus designed to emulate salient features of an industrial installation. Numerous tests were performed under controlled conditions to ascertain not only threshold conditions for hydraulic shock to occur, but also to determine the magnitude of the dynamic shock under more severe circumstances.

The objective of this research investigation is an understanding of condensation-induced hydraulic shock in a controlled test environment in a low-temperature ammonia refrigeration system. The test program was designed to simulate hydraulic shock via the introduction of hot gas into a pipe with subcooled liquid.

A co-venture between ALTA Refrigeration, Inc., an experienced organization in the ammonia refrigeration industry, and Georgia Institute of Technology, with expertise in two-phase flow and condensation-induced shock, was formed to investigate hydraulic shock in an installation that is of suitable scale to represent most actual piping schemes.

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