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A series of building energy analyses are presented usingbuilding mathematical models and an hourly simulationapproach for an existing performing arts building. The buildingis located on the grounds of the University of Hartford inWest Hartford, CT. The analyses include the incorporation ofa series of renewable energy technologies, specifically groundsource heat pumps and solar photovoltaic arrays along withadditional energy savings measures with the ultimate goal ofachieving net zero or near net zero energy conditions in retrofit.The results allowed for the detailed assessment of potentiallymost effective measures in relatively older structures. Sensitivityanalyses are presented for the cumulative impact of variousindividual sub-systems and energy savings measures onthe overall thermal behavior of the building and its energy useintensity. A final assessment for the achievement of a net zeroenergy building is made, along with a discussion of lessonslearned from the system design process. A series of recommendationsand design guidelines are developed.