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About This Item


Full Description

This standard is a corrected version of T 462 om-06.


An editorial correction has been incorporated into this version of T 462. When the 2006 edition was approved, it had been revised as a Classical Method. The error on the original publication after this approval was that the headings were not changed to indicate this reclassification. This version corrects that error. Also corrected is a split footnote that appeared in the previous version

This method is used to measure the absorbency rate of paper for printing inks having an oil vehicle. It is normally used only for easily permeable papers such as news, book, and mimeograph (1,2); however, it can be helpful for any paper where the absorbency of an oil based vehicle is important.

A correlation has been established between the results of this test and the printing quality of uncoated papers. The oil absorbency of paper is related to the porosity and internal structure of the paper.

Document History

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    Castor Oil Penetration Test for Paper

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  2. TAPPI T 462 cm-06

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    Castor Oil Penetration Test for Paper

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  3. TAPPI T 462 om-06

    Castor Oil Penetration Test for Paper

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    Castor Oil Penetration Test for Paper

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