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About This Item


Full Description

ISO 4986:2010 specifies a method for the magnetic particle inspection of ferro-magnetic steel castings.

It also gives acceptance criteria through severity levels defined by the nature, the area and the dimensions of the discontinuities present.

ISO 4986:2010 applies to all ferro‑magnetic castings, independent of the moulding method.

A steel casting is considered to be ferro‑magnetic if the magnetic induction is greater than 1 T (Tesla) for a magnetic field strength of 2,4 kA/m.

ISO 4986:2010 only applies to those areas of the castings specified for inspection, as well as the percentage of castings to be inspected.


Document History

  1. ISO 4986:2020

    Steel and iron castings - Magnetic particle testing

    • Most Recent
  2. ISO 4986:2010

    👀 currently

    Steel castings - Magnetic particle inspection

    • Historical Version
  3. ISO 4986:1992

    Steel castings - Magnetic particle inspection

    • Historical Version