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About Secure PDFs

Secured vs. Unsecured PDFs

You've bought a PDF from Techstreet. Now what? The first thing to determine is if your PDF is a Secured PDF or an Unsecured PDF. If it is unsecured, there is nothing else you need to do. Go to the My Downloads section of My Account, and you will be able to download your purchase from there.

Secured PDFs require the FileOpen Plug-in

Secured PDFs (SPDFs) have Digital Rights Management (DRM) software installed. In order to read the DRM-enabled PDF, you will need to install FileOpen to successfully read it.

First, if you haven't already installed it, download and install the current free edition of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Next, download the free Adobe-approved FileOpen plug-in for Acrobat Reader. Once you have both Adobe Acrobat Reader and FileOpen installed, you will be able to open and read your Secured PDF.

Where can I find my purchased PDF?

All the PDFs you purchase - Secured or Unsecured - will be available to you in My Account, under My Downloads. From there, you can download your file or reassign it to a colleague.

Can I print the PDFs I purchase?

In most cases, you are permitted to make one single printed copy for your personal reference use. For some publishers - such as BOMA, ICML, and IADC - printing is not allowed. Review the specific document listing in our store for more details.